Pero pero seduction game

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Forum Rules. Register Help Remember Me? PeroPero Seduction. So, several factors made me want to start this thread.

Pero pero seduction game

It started with discussion over in the event thread bringing up things such as the worth of spending money on the Event Gacha; Friendliness of the game to F2Pers; Nutaku's handling of the 8. That, coupled with a good share of new members ing us recently Welcome all recent members! I don't mind throwing an initial bit of support to games I like, which usually has me grabbing a few smaller newbie deals or maybe a mid-tier one.

I totally understand the feeling of keeping up with the top players as F2P that was being mentioned as well though, I've been there too! For PeroPero I definitely could have used my contribution a lot more wisely, but I'm happy overall with what its gotten me and it enhancing my general enjoyment of the game. I think PeroPero is just a really enjoyable game early on. Its so freaking silly, but it sucks you in and gets addictive. Some of the common negative points for early game that I agree with are the "I love to read things one character at a time!

Pero pero seduction game very much enjoyed it the first month and was super excited for the event to come along. Event comes along, enjoyed about all of the first day of play. I did summon an 8. So while it did seem like a big jump I didn't understand its true terror at the time.

Pero pero seduction game

Over the next two days I start to understand how that really can't be right and watch my EP progress begin to completely stop. Nutaku then puts up the apology and compensation notice. Loooong state of limbo waiting to see what they're going to do. Leading up to where I feel they really dropped the ball in basically retracting their statement, saying nothing was wrong, then going completely silent.

Not going to rant on about it, there are points which they can be defended on, but I think the whole handling should set off at least a feeling of betrayal or 2 in every player. Kinda kept trudging along after that just seeing the event though, and it really wasn't until the N Gacha finally gave me Akie that it started to get enjoyable again. Its really really crazy how much difference the Elite SR Alpha makes! I had the Normal and two Rare Slayer cards right away from the event box and had Wild Cards saved to level them up right away.

While noticeable damage increase compared to not having any multiplier, the 8.

Pero pero seduction game

My mind is still blown by how much having that Akie card can really change your perception of this event. Nutaku should just give it out to everyone for the last day or something so they can understand lol. And that's kinda where I am now. I think if I still didn't have Akie that I would have a much more negative outlook on this event. I'd still be playing a lot, but I'd be a lot more angry about the whole "bug" situation. I'm very interested in what they are going to say when they next communicate with us. Summing up the whole package so far, for me PeroPero still comes out well in the positive.

I'll give Nutaku some leeway to redeem themselves because the game is enjoyable and could have been really amazing with proper Kasumi scaling in the event. Get it together Nutaku!

Pero pero seduction game

I want to like your handling of this game, so do it good! Say as much or as little as you'd like! Don't feel you have to say if you're a spender or F2P or anything else! Whatever's on your chest about the game besides a lot of pie vent it out here! Date Jun Posts Credits My own experience with the event was a lot less stressful than most others, I'd guess. The only things I really cared about with this event were the limited card for hitting k EP and the movies along the way. Which I've gotten, so I'm satisfied. I actually never encountered the bug, since I wasn't farming for items and support points.

We're probably never going to get a straight answer about that. I'm a F2P player through and through, and plan to continue being a cheapskate for at least a little while longer. Date Jun Posts 1, Credits 1, I've had a lot of fun with this game so far. As Xanthius said, while it isn't really much to it, it is addicting for some reason.

Pero pero seduction game

Wish i had known that staying in the first area was more beneficial. Event came out, i was prepared by having a ton of gold since i had read that it would be needed, which made me get the free slayer cards at once.

Pero pero seduction game

I agree that the event bugs could have been handled differently and it did feel annoying when they simply retracted their statement. I will keep playing this game for free at the moment, since i feel the costs for everything in this game are way too steep. I also feel that the handling of the free vs paying could have been done differently.

Some might disagree, but i feel that all cards eventually should be available to all players, but that free players will have a lot harder time getting a select few of them. Aigis went this route. There is nothing you cannot get as a free player if luck is with you. However the average luck means you still need to pay if you really want to try to get everything. And i don't mean something like putting it in the normal gacha.

The event cards could be put in the "guaranteed SR" gacha. This would mean that free players would have a chance at one of those cards once per month or so because that's about how often a free player gets a guaranteed SR, reallywhile still keeping them from pero pero seduction game all of the cards for a long while since all the other SR cards are also in that gacha.

It would still be a sound investment to get event cards for those who want to pay for it, but free players wouldn't be completely gutted and unable to get those cards forever. All in all, a nice and addicting game. Hope the next event is handled better. With normal luck you only have to spend 1 mill to get Akie so the other 2 mill pero can be saved for next event wher you very unlucky.

Is a free player I find the odd ok. For this first event I didnt know this but I was luck to get Akie anyway. For future events I will be better prepaired. So far I like PeroPero. Even with a quite simple idea, the game is really enjoyable. Since I like to read and keep myself informed when playing any game, my first experience with LoV gave me a good reason to try PPS and play it in an effective way as much as possible.

I'm a F2P guy but I'm really considering to show my suport with paid stuff, though I'll wait for a better moment to do so, since I have to agree that this very moment isn't the best and my hilarious failure with the free gold confirmed me that. Since I'm stuck at area 3 the very first days of the game were a little repetitive in terms of what to do and SED progress, but the event gave the game a really fun boost and I'm really enjoying playing it. Of course, finding an active community with a nice group to exchange thoughts and info makes everything better.

There are some common polemic issues which have been already mentioned high HP guards bug, the unfortunate compensation announcement they published, the way the issues were handled, etcand I think pero pero seduction game those issues will leave some good guidelines for Nutaku's future work. Even with that, I think they are doing a quite nice work and I look forward to watch them grow. I'm only annoyed with the fact that the only 2 event cards I actually wanted to receive, are part of that awkward "you need to pay to get 'em" group of cards. That would be all, I'm really enjoying the game so far, as well as being part of this community.

Date Jul Posts 4 Credits 8.

Pero pero seduction game

First thing that needs to be said I'm sorry for Nutaku but they get a hand so full with Pero Pero that it overshadowed their other games, although it's still be second place to Millenium War Aigis The setting is fun, the slots are kind of addicting, there lots of girls Or so I would like to think My experience with this kind of game is still parse, since most eroges out there would need a comprehension of japanese and software handling that I never put much effort into As for the event If the rules that Kotono-san posted in the event guide were properly working my Lv.

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Pero pero seduction game

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