List of kinks

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While you might accept your kink, let it be bondage or anal sex, others might struggle with their sexual preferences. It is essential to know that unconventional sexual practices are natural. There is nothing wrong with them.

And the more familiar you get with the kink, the more you might be able to accept the potential desires of your beloved partner s. Take in mind though, both you and your partner must consider consent. Harming others is a no-go, mutual pleasure is the name of the game. In this article, you'll find a comprehensive list of sexual kinks and fetishes.

Of course, you can read the whole article in one sit to widen your perspectives and learn, but you don't have to.

List of kinks

There are alternative options to make the best out of this list. You can read one letter from the alphabet a day, for example, or you can return any time you are looking for some explanation of one or two kinks.

List of kinks

Abasiophilia list of kinks Sexual attraction towards physically disabled people. Especially towards the ones with a wheelchair, leg braces, or orthopedic casts. Abduction : If you get turned on by the thought of getting kidnapped or carried away by force, it means you might have an abduction kink.

People with such kink usually act their desires out in the form of a role-play. Abrasion : This is a subcategory of BDSM, which involves sexual arousal from harsh surfaces such as sandpaper or steel wool. Acomoclitic : A desire for hairless genitals. Acrophilia : You have acrophilia if scratching turns you on. Just think about scratching the back of your partner… This term is often confused with knismolagnia, but there is a subtle difference.

Knismolagnia is arousal from tickling. Acrotomophilia : It is a less common kink, which involves psychosexual attraction towards people whose arms or legs have been amputated. It is also called the pirate-kink. Just kidding. Actirasty : Here cums the sun.

The term means getting turned on by the sunrays.

List of kinks

People who have this particular kink must immensely enjoy outside sex. Agalmatophilia : Sexual attraction towards dolls, statues, or mannequins. Age play : This is a subcategory of the umbrella term of role play. The players pretend they have a different age. Agoraphilia : If you love sex in public places, you have agoraphilia.

Agrexophilia : Getting turned on by the thought that other people might know about, hear or see the sexual intercourse. Alien kink : Some people get turned on by such science fiction scenes where aliens satisfy them. Allorgasmia : Erotic arousal by the thought of being with someone else during sex. Altocalciphilia : The term indicates sexual desire towards high heels.

Amaurophilia : If you get turned on by blindfolded sex, or you prefer having sex in the dark, you have a thing with amaurophilia. Unfortunately, sometimes the kink goes hand in hand with low-self esteem or religious guilt. Anal sex : A common kink where people prefer pleasure in the anus. Anal toys : While some kinksters love anal penetration, others enjoy sex toys in their butts. A subcategory of the kink is when someone loves putting the sex toy inside the butt while wearing clothes and even engaging in non-sexual social interactions.

Anasteemaphilia : Sexual attraction towards exceptionally high or short people. Aquaphilia : This kink means the desire list of kinks water sex. It might include a preference for swimming suits, seeing others swimming, or having sex in water.

Autogynephilia : If a man gets sexually aroused by the thought of being a woman, he has autogynephilia. Autoandrophilia : If a woman gets sexually aroused by the thought of being a man, she has autoandrophilia. Autoplushophilia : Some people get sexually aroused by imagining themselves as list of kinks stuffed animal or an animal character.

Armpit fetishism : Getting turned on by the touch or smell of armpits.

List of kinks

It might include the preference for sexual intercourse with the help of armpits. Balloons Fetish : A desire for sexual acts which involve balloons. It can range from popping balloons to sitting or lying on them.

List of kinks

Barebacking : A list of kinks kink where the kinksters desire unprotected sex. It can work in both directions: Some enjoy being prayed on, others desire to plead for sexual pleasure. Belonephilia : It refers to the obsession with sharp objects such as needles, pins, or knives. Bestiality : The kink is a special form of zoophilia, where people desire and have sex with animals. In zoophilia, they only fantasize about it and get turned on already by seeing animal sex without humans involved. Body Inflation : Getting aroused when someone inflates the body or some body parts.

Usually, it's the task of the dominant to control the submissive player. Body modification: Some of us feel aroused while they get their body tattooed or pierced. Others get turned on by having sex with people who have modified bodies. Body Painting : Getting excited about painting bodies or being painted on.

Here, usually, the submissive enjoys when the list of kinks partner applies pain to the breast. Branding : A sexual interest in permanently marking one's body with a burning metal object. Brontophilia : Some people get sexually aroused by thunderstorms. They have brontophilia. People participating enjoy it when their partner restricts the oxygen from them. Caning : Getting excited when the dominant strikes the submissive with a cane, which is usually long and flexible.

It mostly happens on the buttocks. Castration Fantasies : The kink means the person gets turned on by the thought of removing the testicles. Fortunately, in most cases, it remains a fantasy. It might mean genital piercing, wax play, genital spanking, squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, among others. Another term for the kink is Phalloorchoalgolagnia. Chasmophilia : When someone gets turned on by small places or boxes, he or she has chasmophilia. Chinophilia : This kink refers to getting turned on by the touch of snow.

Choking : When someone loves getting strangled by their partner. Claustrophilia : A sexual kink where someone desires sex in confined places. Clothed sex endytophilia : If you love having sex with clothed or partially dressed people, you have a thing for endytophilia. Cock worship : The extensive adoration of the male sex organ. Collar kink : Getting aroused when someone puts a collar around the neck or enjoys putting one on the other's neck. Consensual nonconsent : Participants here give up their consent and give total control to the other person.

It required open communication and a safe word.

List of kinks

Before you engage in consensual nonconsent, you should negotiate the terms with your partner, because otherwise the kink can be dangerous and, in extreme cases, can even turn into a trauma. Corsetry : Corsetry refers to the sexual arousal by corsets, either it is on women or men. A corset is a traditional outfit that stands to make the shape of the torso look highly desirable.

Cross-dressing : People who get excited when they or their partner wear clothes typical of the opposite sex have this kink.

List of kinks

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