Kik pof uk

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Hey all, Just a word of warning.

Kik pof uk

I then went to the POF video chat up site she sent me. I ed in and added my credit card. I was then automatically transferred to some porn cam site. POF does not have video chat so do not fall for this!!! They're also targeting upgraded members. Seems more legit if you're getting contacted by an upgraded member.

I've seen an upgraded go from a female to a male. I think the guy recovered his. Also, I think the company that owns POF is allowing this to happen, maybe because they benefit financially? I have noticed that when I report an upgradedit rarely gets deleted before 5 days or more. Standard scam s get deleted fairly quickly, within minutes or hours. I've seen an upgraded scam stay on the kik pof uk for over a month.

Me Anonymous. Beware of the people who ask you to video chat. They will send u a link and when you click on it you Pof username and password then it asks you to credit card info. I stupidly entered my Pof site info And got to the credit card part and thought oh no. I told the person they were scamming me and I got blocked. Over reported it to Pof and still waiting for a reply. Effing scammers!!! PympJuice Anonymous. Quote by: Anonymous Hey all, Just a word of warning. BillC88 Anonymous. Is the below part of this scam or is this legitimate? However this link drew my attention. Anonymus Anonymous.

This is the message I received, Fortunately, I searched for the scam and never ed up. It looked suspicious.

Kik pof uk

My Original message: I am afraid to say, I do not provide my social media and my personal easily, I just prefer to use a call here 1st. Dont worry ill guide you ,Just follow this like I did before. Just get it approved, then the live chat icon will appear on your screen. Let me know once you're done so we can log in and get started, then we can arrange our meeting?

Well I been asked about 7 times by beautiful girls to do this video chat. Not impressed with POF at the moment. What is this all scammer site??? Maybe POS should be there name Jimmy74 Anonymous. Quote by: Anonymous They're also targeting upgraded members. MissJanie Anonymous. I always thought this was a scam but a little internet research has confirmed it.

Brea Anonymous. I tried. The bank would not help me. Craig Anonymous. Kik pof uk you are going to confront these scammers, report them first or their will disappear and you won't be able to. They do this to protect their stolen from being reported and deleted.

I have been getting these requests also.

Kik pof uk

Thanks to everyone here for the warning. Maybe now see how long they are willing to keep texting. Now it might be entertaining to fake coming on to those girls never married, want kids, etc and from a very small town. Does anyone know how these scammers are able to change their age? POF states that it cannot be changed. New Topic Post Reply. All times are EDT. The time is now am. Search Search.

Kik pof uk

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