Fetish hotels

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Sometimes you don't want to spend a week at a swingers resort. Or on an adults-only erotic vacation. Or even at one of the world's kinkiest festivals.

Fetish hotels

No, sometimes, you and your special lady friend just want one night at a hotel with a giant Champagne-glass hot tub. Is that so much to ask? Turns out, not really. From rotating beds and erotic wall art, to vibrators in the room and stripper poles in the shower so dangeroushere's our roundup of America's most salacious stays. Just promise not to take a black light to the sheets. Shack up under a mirrored-ceiling bunk bed for narcissistic, selfie-snapping foreplay, and finish the evening in the party-size shower.

No need to find a seedy strip club -- the in-room pole is one place where your paramour's weekly striptease classes to "firm the arms" might actually pay off. Insider tip: The show shower comes complete with fetish hotels requisite stripper pole and disco lighting for all your weird and totally-not-kinky aqua-acrobatics.

Hotel Max -- Seattle, Washington Sex appeal: Seattle may seem all artisanal-coffee-and-red-plaid on the outside, but under that cushy Microsoft-employee exterior, they're hiding one of the country's most sensual stays. Insider Tip: Ask for a room on the eighth floor for some seriously sensual door porn. Each entryway is covered with an image of a hot-and-heavy evening out, from cracking the first brew to sealing the deal in the shower.

Hotel Diva -- San Francisco, California Sex Appeal: With headboards sculpted to portray pants peeling off and pull-down shades that showcase boudoir-themed portraits of panty-hosed legs and garter belts, this place heaves with sensuality. Insider Tip: Crack the room safe for a complimentary supply of condoms. There's nothing subtle about this "package for your package".

From dim lighting to under-bed glow effects, they've got getting dirty down. Fetish hotels padded headboard provides protection for couples who really want to explore the studio space while a nightstand copy of Kama Sutra provides need-to-know tips to beginners. Insider Tip: Flick a do-not-disturb light from green to red to Get. Pocono Palace Resort -- East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Sex appeal: Because who doesn't love playing footsie in a seven-foot Champagne-glass whirlpool bathtub?

No seriously, they've got one of those. And a heart-shaped swimming pool.

Fetish hotels

And "celestial ceilings", at which you and your lady friend can gaze all night when not staring longingly into each other's eyes. Insider tip: Venture to the gift shop for sex toys from the early '90s, fetish hotels we strongly suggest checking the expiration date on the condoms.

From igloo-encased waterbeds to the Swinger Suite, this den of debauchery in Dodgeville, WI, smacks of an '80s porno set. Check out the Mid-Evil Suite to fulfill dungeon fantasies with bedside shackles and then redeem yourself in the heart-shaped hydrotherapy tub. Or, in what can only be described as a bizarre Big-Bird-meets-curdled-milk fetish, shack up in a gal copper cheese vat on a ceramic basin for a "bird-bath effect.

Hotel Zaza -- Houston and Dallas, Texas Sex Appeal: This Texas-based boutique hotel offers a classier and pricier take on the pick-your-pleasure suite. The Dallas location boasts the Erotica, a sqft room filled with velvet, fur, and silk for tactile-conscious copulation and a 60s-era Shag-a-delic space with surprise! Insider Tip: Redditors pounced on a so-called voyeuristic sex dungeon with two-way mirrors in the Houston location. Turns out the space is slightly more legit -- it's an unlisted theme room.

Fetish hotels

Just ask for the Hard Times suite to experience this jail-themed kink-fest firsthand. La Carmina.

Fetish hotels

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Fetish hotels Fetish hotels

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