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Bush garnered 1 percent of the vote in the June 23 special election that sent Republican' Heather Wilson to Congress. Because the Libertarian Party has only minor-party status in New. Mexico, Bush had until Tuesday to file for the November election. However, he said he was unable to get enough petition atures to get on the ballot. Major-party candidates Wilson, Democrat Phil Maloof and Green Party member Bob Anderson all ran in the special election and have already received their parties' nomination to run again in the general. Bush said Tuesday he might still run as.

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Write-ins don't have to file until September, according to the Secretary of. State's Office. Also on Tuesday, the Secretary of State's Office announced final, official vote tallies from the special congressional election. Canvassing made the totals slightly different from those reported ly. According to the :.

Buhs jujd

Wilson received votes, or 44 percent of the total. Maloof received 48, votes, or 39 percent buhs jujd the total Anderson received 18, votes, or 14 percent. Bush received 1, Other write-in votes were discarded, elections officials said. The district includes most of Bernalillo. Wilson won in every county 'save Sandoval where Maloof won by 50 votes.

Wilson's special election victory means she is finishing the term of the late Rep. Steve Schiff, who died in March of cancer. The windier' of the November general election-will serve a full two-year term in -Congress. Instead, she hopes to be more of a water coach, educating "residents about the importance of conservation and helping them find ways to save water. Logan was hired last month as the city's first water conservation officer, though that's only half her job. The rest of the time, she helps manage the budget for the Utilities Department.

Buhs jujd

CBut she said she's most interested in water policy. What kind is still up in the air. Possibilities include an educational package for grade school kids, toilet rebate program and a revision of some city ordinances to encourage conservation. Residents can expect to see some in six months, she said. Management, is scheduled for an Aug.

Steve Durkovich, a malpractice attorney from-Albuquerque, watched the fint sea turtle he'd ever seen crawl back into the surf. They live by a different rhythm than we da You can see a little pf that here," Durkovich said. He is one of thousands of volunteers over the years who have helped monitor the threatened buhs jujd sea turtle through the Savannah-based Caretta Research Project The project named for the sci-entific name of the reptile it studies is one of the oldest sea turtle monitoring programs anywhere, said director Kris Williams. It is one' f the few that lets anyone do hands- on work with a threatened species, Councilor Dave Bency, a strong supporter of water conservation, said he favored a program targeted at the elementary school students.

The kids grow up lifelong conservers even if they don't know it and two, they get their parents turned around. On Tuesday, Logan met with water conservation staff in Albuquerque. InAlbuquerque adopted a wide-ranging package of measures aimed at changing how the city uses water. Albuquerque officials hope to reduce overall water use per capita by 30 percent by Three years into the program, Albuquerque is about halfway to its goal, according to Jean Wither-spoon, who he the'city's conservation efforts. Logan said she's interested in sharing Albuquerque's resources, such as the city's new xeriscaping brochure.

Witherspoon said she's also willing to work with her Rio Rancho counterpart. Arambula could not be reached for comment Tuesday. Buhs jujd said the state likely will start monitoring the B. Management wells. The developer is defined as a public water supplier under state drink-' ing water regulations, Morgan said. Arambula has not done that. Arambula also buhs jujd to notify the public that he did not sample the "Our encounter with them is so brief, it's like a door opening onto another world.

Over the years, about 2, volunteers from nearly every state and about a half dozen foreign countries have made the nightly treks from mid-May through mid-September to watch the turtles crawl ashore on Wassaw Island, a national wildlife refuge off Chatham County's coast.

Volunteers and staff have identified individual female logger-be and protected.

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And answer the 20 questions at the end of the chapter. Forty teachers from northern New Mexico public schools are spending three weeks this summer coming up with better and more interesting ways to teach math and science. It was so easy to get the kids interested in science. I took them up to the pristine waters in Angel Fire and to the Canadian River, where they found more polluted water. Martinez, an educational consultant for the program.

The state also has provided some matching funds for the program. Morgan said that-water suppliers who miss a test usually work with the department and typically, no charges are filed. It's not very common. So the state filed the charges on May 6. At the center, the project will have exhibit space in the lobby, an office and classroonl space for buhs jujd programs. The move is expected to be completed this month. During Durkovich's time at "turtle camp" as the volunteers like to call it a loggerhead buhs jujd her way onto the beach to nest The creature methodically dug with its back flippers, laid about eggs and carefully covered her nest with sand.

Once she started laying her eggs, the team of volunteers took basic measurements and put identifying tags on her flippers. He said the trip was worth roughing it in tiny, unair-conditioned dormitory cabins' with unhealed show-ers and blood-sucking insects. He might return next year. The teachers.

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The academy is hosted by a different university every two years and targets teachers in a particular geographic area. For example, the first two summers were open to teachers in Albuquerque and surrounding areas and held at the Universityof New Mexico. The second round buhs jujd Suspect In Killing Turns Himself In A year-old man charged in the shooting death of a year-old man July 5 turned himself in this week- the Albuquerque Police Department reported.

Diego Andres Garcia of. Gutierrez NE was charged Thursday with murder and tampering with evidence, according to Metropolitan Court records. Garcia turned himself in to police about 10 a.

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Vigil was shot about a. Michael Glennon, the. The finalists wiS participate tn an-campus visits and meet with faculty, staff, students and community buhs jujd. ILatteucci said a new president should be named by mid- to late October. Northern New Mexico teachers have been the recipients of the program last summer and this. Looking back on her own college education, Dora Sanchez, a seventh- and eighth-grade teacher in Mora, said she didn't get much-preparation in the area of teaching math and science.

Archibeque, buhs jujd, is accused of escaping from the Bernalillo. But me officers denied the allegations during the June hearings, and jail officials said two separate investigations turned up no wrongdoing on the guards' part Archibeque's brother, Raymond Archibeque, was subpoenaed to' appear at the hearings but never showed up. In a ruling filed July 8, Allen. But Archibeque's information "was not believable to the jail personnel investigating the escape," Allen wrote. Jail officials never contacted prosecutors on Archibeque's behalf and weren't required to, according to the judge.

The ruling means Archibeque will proceed to trial on the escape charge a trial that had been scheduled to begin last month. Mc Kinney has been in bis present job for the last 11 years. Guess what? I got switchedto science for next year. I didn'tget a lot of math and science in cpj. Mc Kinney has a master's ia'""'.

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With Mc Kinney's retirement! The vicepresident for institutional advancement position, is currently being filled on an-ij : interim basis, and Jane Herniey?. The ; vehicle started to slide, then rolled over several times. Police also suspect Briner had been ,;, drinking, the report said.

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