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You are not logged in Log in Register to Post. I have a massive obsession with buttlicking porn, but I've only licked a couple of buttholes before.

Ass licking forum

I'd imagine many of you have licked more. How have you found the feel, and in particular the taste, of anuses varies from girl to girl? A clean asshole does certainly have a distinct flavour of its own, and I have noticed the two butts I've licked did taste really different, but I'm hardly a connoisseur. Is there a particular flavour you go for?

Ass licking forum

I like an asshole to be slightly musty - to be clean, but enough flavour that it is very clear where you are licking! Feedback would be great. And for the pornstars out there, which are the best buttholes you've licked? I really want to taste ass. Last month i had a girl with a huge ass who was in the doggy position with the face down and the ass up. I tried to lick her pussy in that position and then work towards her ass. However as soon as i dived into the pussy i could smell her ass and that put me off.

Ass licking forum

It was surely not clean. So i guess i am still a butthole licking virgin and for me it would have to be real clean to lick it. So how can anybody lick an unclean ass? Does the smell not turn you off? Is that what you mean by the flavor? I love to rim ass licking forum buttholes and through the years have tasted many different girl assholes.

The turn on for me is if she gets turned on by it and most if not all have enjoyed it. Though most girls are shy about it especially at first, however its been my experience once they feel comfortable with and the sex is good, many began to crave it! The prettier the girl the nastier they seem too. I've had some absolute 10's who got turned on talking about how they wanted to have their ass and butthole worshiped! Some have been memorable in a good way, some not so good because if it was an act as part of heated spontaneous sex, well she may have not been, um Luckily that has been very rare.

I've only licked butthole once in my life and it was "prepared" since she was down for it from the beginning. It's not much different I guess--I love being down there. Probably wouldn't if it wasn't clean though. I've rimmed a few girls, gotta make sure there's no smell or stains first tho!!

There should be no taste but there's different textures. I think ass licking forum it did taste like anything, it would be shit, no? Next was an asian girl, we were both in our teens. Then I think a european chick I was with for a year or so. But best butt holes are pink and smooth, you don't wanna lick anything with roids, stubbles or stains.

Ass licking forum

I've licked a few ladies butt holes and I enjoy it I always make sure we are both clean. Many persons don't know how to provide a proper rim job. Rimjob involves more than licking the butt. You ass licking forum to eat it, suck it very hard. Stick your tongue deep in it, lick the inside of the rectum and do this for minutes.

Porn does it too fancy. Hygiene is a must! If clean you shouldn't notice any smell or taste. Go at it it in much the same manner as you would in eating a pussy. Swirl your tongue around the outside varying the pressure of your tongue against her winker. Use lots of saliva and get it shiny and wet. Alternate between tongue and a finger inside her asshole. Finger and lick until she is relaxed. When she is relaxed and her hole is not as tense then you can use your tongue to penetrate her ring. Push it in and out, rotate your tongue in there.

Ass licking forum

Engulf your whole mouth around her asshole and suck on it, suck on it with your tongue in her booty. Do it like you would when you eat her ass licking forum and tongue fuck her pussy and suck on her clit and she will enjoy it. So many sensitive nerves in and around the asshole that it is really hard to not bring her pleasure doing it.

I've licked a few asses in my time and both me and the woman I was with seemed to enjoy it. There's just something about making her feel pleasure that turns me on so I don't shy away from it just because it's the asshole. Also I'm sure not sure if I've been extremely lucky or not but I've never licked an ass that I could tell was unclean or dirty. Obviously when it's planned it should be clean but I've had some spur of the moment type experiences and didn't have a problem. I love rimming a girl, well, if she's into it.

If she's into it chances are she hasn't had it done to her in a long ass time because it grosses a lot of dudes out. I, however, like to make up for the lack of enthusiasm that these other ignorant men have. As long as there's no dingleberries roosting I'll put my whole mouth over it and drill like some high tech oil rig right into the butthole with my tongue.

It's got a faint acidic taste. I've never done it but I am really interested in licking a woman's bum hole. I would do it under 2 conditions. She would need to shower and cleanse down there and I would prefer her to be shaved or waxed there so I'm only tasting flesh. Unless they have some "eww gross" programming in their head, you are likely to find that most, if not all, enjoy it once you get into it.

It is a nice addition to the "oral experience' to be ass licking forum to extend beyond the conventional vagina and clit and move "under the hood". More women should do this with their guys too Red Foxx says it tastes like beef jerky. It's also called ANAL too. However, I recommend that you make sure the person you are with has had a shower prior to performing anything.

It has no taste whatsoever if it's properly clean as well as shaved. So, therefore, it isn't clean if it has a taste at the start. I'm addition, a flavor does develop once you have licked it and got it wet.

Ass licking forum

Buttlicking is something that is quite common in my sexual practice. Has to be clean-ish though. Love it - clean and shaved is a plus for sure First licking and playing slightly on the anus and finishing with my tongue deep inside her butt. I would say that 9 out of 10 really enjoyed this foreplay orgasm included due to the simultaneous pussy play and were open to take my dick afterwards. In no particular order Love it to the core. This is one of my very private things. I love it.

I had a GF whose asshole tasted kinda sweet I love to lick my fiancee's ass in between eating her out.

Ass licking forum

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